Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Colorado's Underground Voice

This week I visited Denver and Salt Lake City, I was able to listen to several memorable stations in that time. I was planning on mourning the difficulty of receiving the venerable Americana/Triple A taste-maker KCUV-AM. But then in some strange instance of convergence it was only last night they completed the Denver move-in of their FM simulast KCUV 102.3. Now they can actually be heard, clearly in Denver on the FM band.

Colorado's Underground Voice can be heard on either of its two affiliates KCUV 1510 AM Denver and 102.3 KCUV-FM. They seem to select only most Triple A-ish and rock cuts from the country catalog and only the most appealing (i.e. not hokey) cuts from the Americana catalog. Here's their playlist from a few minutes ago:

2:49 pm - Joe Cocker - She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
2:51 pm - Herbie Hancock - Stitched Up with John Mayer
2:56 pm - Waits, Tom - Downtown Train
3:00 pm - John Hiatt - Master Of Disaster
3:06 pm - John Mellencamp - Thank You
3:10 pm - Poco - A Good Feelin' To Know
3:13 pm - Amos Lee - Keep It Loose Keep It Tight
3:16 pm - Crosby, Stills And Nash - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
3:24 pm - Janis Joplin - Try Just A Little Bit Harder
3:28 pm - Modest Mouse - Gravity Rides Everything
3:32 pm - Replacements - Merry Go Round
3:37 pm - Bonnie Raitt - I Will Not Be Broken

They are of course, Denver’s only Americana radio station. It's a place for the disenfranchised listener, who is tired of what commercial country radio, but cant handle the erratic nature of college radio. I'll commit a full post to Americana some other time but, in breif: Americana is a musical melding of alternative country, progressive rock, folk, blues, bluegrass and gospel. it's a radio format , not a genre. http://www.kcuvradio.com/

They've also been running this "Your Voice is Unique" promo wherein listeners can select 4 requests as a block with a theme which they will then broadcast. Pretty ballsy in my book. Here was mine:

Fembot -Small Town Murder Scene
Entrance -The Train is Leaving
Otha Turner -Station Blues
Slim Bryant and the Wildcats - Gal with the coal black hair

Probably not quite that ballsy.

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