Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

In 2005 WBWC celebrated it's 50th anniversary. It's been a station of many accomplishments, not least of all was their deal with The Rock n' Roll Hall of fame. College stations all over America have ties to record stores, venues, publications and more. But there is only one Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. And only one college station is permitted to broadcast from it's prestigious, almost holy halls.

In 1995, WBWC became the first college radio station to perform a remote broadcast from the Cleveland Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. I suppose being in Berea, very near to the world-famous museum helped. But WJCU, WCSB, WKSU, WZIP and NPR affiliate WCPN are all in the same metro.WBWC has gone on to do dozens of marathons, and minor events at the location. The stations ties to the museum are numerous and a point of pride. The specialty program "The Golden Age of Rock N' Roll" has been on the air 30 years. It's host B.R. Anthony spins pure classics: members of the hall of fame, and those that should be.

WBWC first signed on at Baldwin-Wallace College in March of 1958. It was one the first college station in the Cleveland area, and completely student-funded. In 1970 they set a record for longest continuous broadcast. They went stereo in 1975, and increased wattage to a neigh-audible 100 watts in 1981. In 2001 they became a legitamate Cleveland powerhouse, at 4000 watts.