Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Literate Radio

At first this program seemed like a brilliant original, but then I realized it was reminiscent of what the old book-review shows must have been like in the 1950s. On one hand it's great to see these ideas about literacy and radio redebut and succeed! On the other, its sad to see such basic media cross-over marginalized, this may be the only show like this currently kicking around.

"Open Books" is an hour-long program on Chicago's 88.7 WLUW Open Books is an hour-long program devoted to outstanding books, remarkable writers, and the joy of reading. This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council. The Show runs twice a month, 8:00 PM on alternate Sundays. www.wluw.org

Host Donna Seaman has also sponsored Benefit shows, and book release parties thru the program. She is now releasing her first book through Paul Dry Books: Writers on air. In her opinion "The public space given to writers is too small in proportion to the number of good writers out there. i felt that the conversations were so important that I couldn't keep them to myself." Part of her success, with the programm she attributes to the enviornment at WLUW. [paraphrase] "WLUW is a community station that gives its hosts tremendous creative and editorial freedom." http://www.pauldrybooks.com/

In the past the program has been devoted to outstanding books, remarkable writers, and the fine art of reading. Her guest list has included T. C. Boyle, [one of my fav's] Lynda Barry, Madison Smartt Bell, Barry Lopez, Chang-rae Lee, Fern Schumer Chapman, Jane Smiley, Ana Castillo, Wade Davis, and Richard Jones, among others.

got a little sample for you here: http://www.em-press.com/regie_radio_lores.asf