Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sixties Psychedelic Rock Radio

It was a the short second golden period of radio... blah blah FM... blah blah played full records, barely ands ads... yadda yadda. Everybody knows Fm was more free-form in the 70s. I wont get into it. I'll just go right to the good part.

WKMS 91.3 Myrray State Univeristy in Murray Kentucky. It's kinda near... well nothing. It's in the Marion-Carbondale market... near Paducah. [The only town with a funnier name than Paducah is Albuquerque.] I wanted to bring them up because they have a rock show dedicated strictly to 1970s rock with a keen emphasis on bad ass psychedelic bands. In a country with hundreds of jazz shows, blues shows, metal shows, and doo-wop shows this seemed a like a true nugget. (get it?) There is a world of classic rock stations out there playing these kind of cuts, but very few specialty programs on alternately formatted stations.

Rockin Saturday Night plays The Status Quo, Strawberry alarm Clock, Electric Prunes, Blue Magoos, Easy Beats, Mojo Men, Golliwogs.. Jeff Dunman is a man who knows his stuff.

The rest of the station isnt the slacker kingdom either. Beyond the edge, and The Indie connection are pretty rad little college rock programs running early sunday morning. Local celebrity John Griffin visits with us for two hours with Stateline Blues focusing on regional blues. Good stuff by artists like B.B. King, KoKo Taylor, Solomon Burke and Buddy Guy.