Saturday, September 17, 2005


Sorry this pic is a bit blurry... doing my best in the morning pre-caffination.

There was this litle one-page TRAVEL SAFETY info slip that came with by bill. At the top it had local speed limits, right-turn-on-red law, child restraint laws, etc. It was most of the things I wanted to know about the state I rented in. When in a new place, the right-turn-on-red law can determine on what terms you meet the local police at 2:00 AM.

I met them in a parking lot in Columbia Missouri and had to explain the presence of about 30 radios and a very well-stocked tool bag... I hope your visit is less exciting than mine. At 2 am the only excitement left should be in the parking lot at IHOP.

At the botom of the AVIS CARES travel safety slip was a little XM radio blurb for the suits renting a Benz and then this little local radio station list. It was far from complete which is to be expected with limited space, but more importantly to me listed ZERO public radio outlets. (Obviously a conspiracy)

but what really got me was the double asterisk.

**The Radio station may not be picked up across the entire state.

I can't speak for all of us, but isnt that part of the thrill of local radio? If everybody could hear it, there wouldn't be anything special about it, would there?