Wednesday, August 31, 2005

the ONLY Hydroelectric Radio Station

This one is a one-of-a-kind. WJFF Radio Catskill 90.5 FM. They play primarily classical, jazz and folk. The only hydroelectrically powered public radio station.

Malcolm Brown is a former philosophy professor from King's College. It just so happened he was building a house beside Lake Jefferson in Jeffersonville, New York. he couldnt hear any public radio affiliate in his little valley, so he decided to build one. He had already built a small hydroelectric plant above the falls near lake jefferson, so with some modification, he equipped it to power a little public radio station right here in Sullivan County. They went live 12 years ago. It's the world's only hydropowered station. They claim to be the worlds only hydroelectric radio station... and I beleive them. This pic is of Mr. brown himself beside his dam.
They have only two paid employees, the rest is all community volunteers, like it should be. They run a few popular syndicated programs from NPR, PRI and Pacifica.. and a couple unknown ones too. The rest of the week is all locals talking local politics, local news and whatever music they please. They even have an all Australian music program. Beat that!