Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Oh I've been a Traveling Man

I thought I'd stop my historical tirade of trivia for a moment and tell you about some of the amazing radio I've heard in the last couple weeks. I've been to Seattle, Houston, Miami and a lot in-between. I am in a Miami hotel right now, its about 105 degrees and everybody is taking a siesta waiting for the sun to go down.
WTIP 90.7 FM Grand Marais, MN  - Link.

WHSA 89.9 Brule, WI ...I heard this great Jazz show, whose Dj had that classic ashtray voice that so belongs to Jazz radio. - Link.

WVUM 90.5 Miami, FL ...In the sweltering Miami heat after work I did nothing but hide in my hotel room and crank the radio and the AC. I heard so much music that I will be buying next week. Great goddamn station. - Link

CKUA 97.3 Medicine hat Alberta CANADA amazing blues show "The Long Weekend". Just amazing. I hit 97.3 and heard Tampa Sed singing Juicy Lemon Blues. You just can't beat that. I was just awed. They focus on music between 1918 and 1939. - Link.

Here is the playlist: The Long Weekend: Program #39:
  1. Tampa Red: "Through Train Blues" (1928)
  2. Ma Rainey: "Blame It On the Blues" (1928)
  3. Tampa Red and Georgia Tom: "It's Tight Like That" (1928)
  4. Tampa Red's Hokum Jug Band: "Come On Mama, Do That Dance" (1929)
  5. Tampa Red: "Juicy Lemon Blues" (1929)
  6. Tampa Red: "You Got To Reap What You Sow" (1929)
  7. Tampa Red & Georgia Tom: "New Stranger Blues" (1931)
  8. Tampa Red: "Bumble Bee Blues" (1931)
  9. Tampa Red: "I'll Kill Your Soul" (1934)
  10. Tampa Red: "Sugar Mama" (1935)
  11. Tampa Red: "Denver Blues" (1934)
  12. Tampa Red and the Chicago Five: "Maybe It's Someone Else You Love" (1936)
  13. Tampa Red and the Chicago Five: "Rock It In Rhythm" (1938)
  14. Tampa Red: "Travel On" (1937)15. Tampa Red: "Anna Lou Blues" (1940

In Houston I kept getting lost and doing laps of Route 610. I listened to a lot of radio: KJIC a quintessential Gospel station, KSBJ a real taste-maker for christian CHR, KPFT a strong and intelligent left-leaning talker, KTSU's great late night jazz programs and KTRU!!! holy Taquitos that station rules. I heard hours and hours of programming that just lined out song after song like a brilliant mix tape. Then I ate Taquitos from Whataburger.

In flight I was able to catch KZZY in North Dakota.  They have a whole set of station IDs and breakers totally milking their slickly-named city of license: DEVILS LAKE! ...Now that is a city for a rock station. I heard so many other cool snippets but I couldn't readily identify their calls. If I figure out more, I will let you know as always.