Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Long Road Home

I drove south From Albany yesterday. I bought bags of Jada Red and Ginger Gold Apples, and a bag of Apple Cider Doughnuts and started south on Route 90. It was warm out, but there were big clouds on the horizon and the breeze was cool. I ate warm apples and hung my arm out the window until the sun went down.

I listened mostly to 90.3 WAMC in the Albany area switching to a couple affiliates as if got weaker. As I got nearer to 287 South, I could hear a fantastic rock program on WVKR 91.3 Poughkeepsie, and I heard the LOST & FOUND OLDIES SHOW with Sam Tallerico. It was outstanding. Tons of Rockabilly and pre-Beatles garage rock/pop. Fantastic. Then Jazz junction on 88.1 WDIY in Allentown, A classic hardcore program on 90.3 WXLV out of Lehigh Carbon Community College.

WFMU was clear through some of this time but that particular program wasn't grabbing me.

Across most of New Jersey I listened to 89.7 WDVR. They play a mix of Americana, Folk, Triple-A and old Country. They never come off slick or trite; always straddling that middle ground of genuine provincial hominess, never parodying themselves. ...And that Jimmie Rodgers-style country yodel station ID is ABSOLUTELY KILLER . Long live the Country Store.