Tuesday, July 19, 2005

YMCA radio

This is hard to explain: http://www.kymcradio.org/

In 1976 WBCE signed on at 89.7 FM. For reasons I dont know they went dark in 1979 then in 1991 moved to 105.3. This paved the way for KYMC to squeeze another FM into the St. Louis FM radio dial.

This is the only YMCA FCC-licensed radio station in the U.S.

The West County Family YMCA in Chesterfield, MO owns operates KYMC independant of the YMCA HQ. It all started with a group of enthusiastic volunteers in 1977 that convinced the YMCA to give this a shot as a local community program. The FCC granted a license and the station was born as a picayune 10 watter. It has since expanded to 120 watts, broadcasting 24 hours a day with an all-digital studio.

KYMC runs a mix of eclectic local shows paired with a mix of obscure syndicated programs. This ranges from a well-known local goth-rock program (Hypnotic Nightmare) to a syndicated program focusing on topics regarding parenting (The parents Journal) Their local focus has led KYMC Radio to start a Summer Radio Camp for kids ages 8 to 15 in which young DJs actually get to run the show with the help of a seasoned professional.

I have heard that in the late 80's they needed more than a little help, as near by Maryville College ran day to day operations for about a year.


  1. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Defunct as of September 2008. During my teen years, early-mid '80s, they were the only area source for the progressive/alternative/"college" radio of that era (punk/new wave/rockabilly, etc.)

  2. Its always disheartening to lose something that is so unique. It's like watching an endangered species die out.