Thursday, June 30, 2005

WHHS rises from the grave

The self-proclaimed oldest high school station in the country, WHHS Havertown, PA is back on the air at its new home of 99.9. earlier this year the move-in of WSNJ (now WRNB) forced them off the air. [*note the WRDV repeater on 107.9 was also nixed] Radio One engineer, Steve Hemphill helped them win special temporary authority from the FCC to get back on the air at 99.9 immediately. They are currently waiting for license approval at that frequency to be granted.

This is not the first time they've changed frequencies. In 1992 they moved from 89.3 to 107.9, probably to decrease interference with WRDV in Levitttown. WHHS only has a class D license and can be forced off their frequency at any time. Their current frequency of 99.9 is also occupied by WODE in Allentown, PA. *Radio One is kindly accepting some 2nd adjacent interference to WPHI-FMon 100.1

WHHS is a fairly typical highschool radio station in many respects. Excepting that it produces a large number of radio professionals. Their current yield includes DJs at WMGK, WYSP, WXPN, and many other stations.