Sunday, June 05, 2005

TV on the Radio?

Subpart E--Television Broadcast Stations
Sec. 73.653 Operation of TV aural and visual transmitters.
"The aural and visual transmitters may be operated independently of each other or, if operated simultaneously, may be used with different and unrelated program material."


I can only say they are brilliant. New York city has a full radio band. Its full to the brim. Nobody is powering up, nobody is raising their HAAT, nobody is moving in. The menu today is pretty much going to be it for lunch and for dinner.

So what did they do to impress me so?
They put a Low powered TV station on Channel 6.
Channel 6 is at the very top of the VHF band tunable on most consumer radios at 87.7 FM. Most television Stations on Channel 6 are clearly audible in this way. WPVI-TV in Philadelphia ian ABC affiliate. While I can hear them on my radio it is not geared for that listenership. These stations are very aware of this scenario, BUT very few of them actually pretend to be radio stations.

WNYZ-LP Ch 6 New York City, NY
They even go as far as to distribute WNYZ-FM bumper stickers!
They run Reggaeton and Tropical music videos all day.

KSFV-LP Ch 6 Los Angeles, CA
Nestled on top of Mt. Harvard, they have actually turned up their aural modulation level to simulate the operation of an FM broadcast station. They also have a 19 kHz pilot tone, which may or may not be legal. They also are running Reggaeton and Tropical music videos most of the day. Their video channel features a slide show of religious messages.

K06NC-TV Ch 6 Kauai, HI
"The Coast" Their video side contains factoids on Kauai's history, they run Hot AC on the audio side. Recent reports that they may be going "brokered ethnic" are false. Their format is very popular with the locals and tourists alike. [Thank you Jeff Chang!]

KZND-LP Ch 6 Anchorage, AK
By all reports they are the originators of this technique. They brilliantly took advantage of a 1989 commission decision de-regulating low power television (LPTV) operation to allow this sort of cleverness. Unfortunately there is both a TV channel 5 (KEYS-TV) and an FM 88.1 (KRUA-FM) in Anchorage. They are extremely short-spaced. Actually, it's a wonder they had a license at all. Recently they shut down their signal to make way for their HDTV allocation.