Friday, June 24, 2005

Skip Pop Scratch

Great goddamn show with a brilliant show name, it just encapsulates everything archival and intellectual about roots music. Primarily a Triple A, Americana and Roots program; they bravely venture into blues, zydeco, folk, bluegrass and the archival beginings of almost everything else. They are equally likely to play Robert Johnson as the 32-30 Jug Band as Ella Fitzgerald or even Taj Mahal. Site here:

They are a gleaming, shining three hour slot on KVCU 1190 AM. KVCU is located in Boulder, but manages some secondary coverage of Ft. Collins. Via DX? who knows. You might get lucky.

Years ago they were kind enough to send me an aircheck. You however, now can listen to them on the KVCU-AM web cast: