Monday, June 20, 2005


Because Polka and Country Oldies go together like Bacon and Eggs.

WTKM 104.9 FM -Hartford, WI about 30 miles North West of Milwaukee. 45 Miles north West of Ripon the birth place of the Republican party. Where they burn a young independant thinker at the stake every year on independance day; to celebrate the proud ignorace that is their birthright. anyway...

Nestled among the picturesque, traditional dairy farms and accordion manufacturers of that region is WTKM. Independantly owned by the Kettle-Moraine Broadcasting Co. they program what they like, and what they want. Apparently this includes the beer barrel polka and a lot of Hank Williams. Actually they do mix in a little big band as well. request polka here:

Broadcasting on 104.9 and 1540 AM they cover some very valulable real estate stretching between Madison and Milwaukee. Not only is this rich farm land. This is also, expensive radio real estate. Muchy like the case of the WSNJ move-in, this FM could easily get a first service approval for either city. I am certain WTKM has been resisting the traditional industry offerings of cash, stock, hooch, staff positions, and sacrificial viergins. they continue to do radio they way they want. That is respectable. That is enviable. they stream online: