Tuesday, June 14, 2005

FM Super-casters

In the United States, Fm radio stations are limited to a maximum ERP (effective radiated power) of 100,000 watts. But some radio stations have been grandfathered in above that bar. Lots of helpful info here:

The 5 biggest FM's in America are:
#1 WBCT 93.7 Grand Rapids, MI -320,000 watts
#2 WOOD 105.7 Grand Rapids, MI -265,000 watts
#3 WOMC 104.3 Detroit, MI -190,000 watts
#4 WNCI 97.9 Columbus, OH -175,000 watts
#5 WSLQ 99.1 Roanoke, VA -150,000 watts

The top 5 highest HAAT is as follows:
WHOM 94.9 Mt. Washington, ME -1130 meters
KRUZ 103.3 Santa Barbara, CA -915 meters
KPFK 90.7 Los Angeles, LA -846 meters
WIPR 91.3 San Juan, PR -825 meters
WSLQ 99.1 Roanoke, VA -607 meters

But watts alone do not cover maximum area. HAAT (height above average terrain) and the terrain itself are very signifigant to actual contour. )Population density could also be considered a factor as miles of tundra are undesirable.) The practical combination of the two is the real winner.

Largest largest 1 mv/m contours are:
#1 KRUZ103.3 Santa Barbara, CA

#2 KPFK 90.7 Los Angeles, CA
#3 WIPR 91.3 San Juan, PR
#4 WHOM 94.9 Mt. Washington, NH
*largest contour over land

NOTE: the largest covered area for a station actually belongs to:
*KAWZ 89.9 Twin Falls, ID http://www.csnradio.com/
While they run at a mere 100,000 watts in Twin Falls, they also simulcast via satellite on 320 repeaters and translators blanketing the U.S. with politically conservative religious talk. Even if each transmitter only covered 1 mile they would reach an area three times that of any legitimate local broadcaster. The FCC ruled that time-shifted satellite programming constitutes "locally originating programming" thus evading the obligation to actually serve the communities they reside in.