Tuesday, November 11, 2008

WLEZ changes

It's an unusual day in which a station changes frequency. It's more often that we see a callsign change, or a change in city of license. But it does happen maybe a dozen times a year. I was fortunate enough to actually catch one a few days ago. November 7th at 6pm WLEZ switched from 103.7 FM to 100.1 FM.

WLEZ-LP is owned by the Mississippi International Film & Video Festival. I know nothing of the ownership, I just hope truly that the name says it all. they play a mix of talk standards and oldies. When I say oldies I mean real oldies, they play a lot of sixties Roy Orbison, Ronettes, etc.

When LPFM was first legislated, they were required to observe 3rd adjacent protection. There has been much hubub about that being overkill for a stick limited to 100 watts. I tend to agree it's excessive, but there are surely cases where it's needed.. say when full power stations are already short-spaced. Currently, LPFMs that face displacement from a full power FM station are eligible to apply for 2nd-adjacent frequencies, like a translator.

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