Sunday, September 08, 2019

Telegraph Code Book Cipher Sale!

Yes I am clearing out the archive again!

A century ago, telegraph or cable codes (aka Commercial Codes) were a method for reducing telegraph costs (they charged per word) and increasing what we now call data security. Technically they were non-secret codes, resolving to commercially available books. But many books wee private and as indecipherable as any OTP. At it's peak there must have been more than a hundred unique codes in use. You can see my current list here. Or buy books below!

The Adams Cable Codex (1896) LINK 

Telegraphic Cipher Code (1921) LINK   SOLD!

Jones & Laughlins Limited Private Telegraph Code (1901) LINK  SOLD!

  The Lumberman's Standard Telegraph Code (1896) LINK  SOLD!

The Standard Cipher Code of the American Railway (1906) LINK SOLD!

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