Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fernsehturm Stuttgart Radiosender

German words agglomerate.  Hence the existence of the book Schottenfreude. "Fernsehturm" is the German word for television tower. "Fernsehen" means television, as in the noun, the electronic device. To break that down further, "sehen" means to see.  The word "fern" means remote; as in at a distance. So You can string that together pretty sensibly "fern-sehen-term" or "remote - seeing - tower."    But "turm" was the root that meant tower or steeple.

To further cloud this waters for those of use who speak a largely non-agglomerating language, "Fernmeldeturm" is the correct word, only if it's part of a building. The noun "meldung" means "information, report or an announcement.  So they added the "building" root when it was just a tower and then further added the "information" after the tower was on a building. Tricky language. Also sometimes makes things difficult to research.

This is added to the formal name of any radio tower that has a name like a prefix ex. Fernsehturm Berlin which is the tallest structure in Germany at 368 meters tall  (including antenna). It was built between 1965 and 1969 so it's coming up on it's 50th Birthday. Another example would be Fernsehturm Stuttgart which is the first telecommunications tower in the world constructed from reinforced concrete. Stuttgart is older having been placed in service by February of 1956. But today it only broadcasts several public FM radio stations. So despite the lack of "remote seeing devices" they still refer to it as a Fernsehturm. Transmission of the ARD TV network's analogue service stopped in 2006. Those television services moved to nearby Fernmeldeturm Stuttgart.

So I deduced that since the German word for radio is radio.. that radio tower should be then a radioturm. The answer is... sort of. Radioturm is not a popular word. It's used only in specific contexts, mostly much older radio constructions. Ex. Radioturm Schuchow, Radioturm mit Sirene, Shabolovka Radioturm, and the Shukhov radioturm which I wrote about previously.

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