Friday, March 18, 2016

Radio Cookie tin

ModCloth called it a "cool, retro-inspired container." For me it brings to mind the book The Aesthetics of Consumerism by Daniel Harrris. He refers to the qualities we assign to inanimate objects through culture and marketing: cuteness, quaintness, glamor, romance...  To that end, retro-cool falls into the category of quaintness.

Quaintness is unlike other marketable qualities in that it inherently criticizes the commercialism used to sell most products. It's an aesthetic of old age instead of youth. To quote Harris "Quaintness is a democratic aesthetic that abhors luxury and elegance as disturbing symptoms of immodesty and decadence..."  Some of the appeal is a naive attachment based on a shallow and warped understanding of the past. In their sentiment people can forget about relative progress while focusing on cookies and knickknacks.

They're out of stock but you might find one of those cookie tins around somewhere.

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