Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Guinness Book World Radio Records

I read recently that Joe Madison had set a record with a 52 hour consecutive broadcast. XM claimed that "the broadcast is officially registered with the Guinness World Record Organization." The wording seemed awkward. It turns out there is a reason. [LINK] His tally is barely more than two days, it's some 30 hours short of any record. It seemed patently ridiculous since the informal records I have kept include uncorroborated claims of over 300 hours.

But I discovered that the Guinness Book organization does had a category for this and had awarded it in 2014... But to someone who is not Joe Madison.. (and still less than 300 hours.) There are many other Guinness Book World Radio Records. They are all fascinating and unlike those 300 hour claims there is some consistent rigor applied to claimants. Some records take a life time to break like "Longest career as a radio presenter/DJ."  And some were a first-in-the pool record like "First Internet Radio station." You can't go back in time and claim become the first.

I looked through all the records publicly posted at the Guinness website and narrowed it down to "soft targets."  I look at this Top 11 and think that a couple enterprising college radio DJs could easily take a few of these people down.

1. Longest Marathon, Radio DJ
Giel Beelen 2014 - 198 Hours @ 3FM- LINK

2. Longest Marathon for a Radio Music Show DJ  (Team)
Eva Daeleman & Peter Van de Veire 2015 - 100 Hours @ MNM - [LINK]

3. Longest Marathon Hosting a Radio Talk Show (Solo)
Dulce Meneses - 80 hours and 5 minutes @ Canal 4 Spain [LINK]

4. Longest Marathon Hosting an Internet Radio Talk Show (Team)
Cenk and Erdem, 52 Hours @ Nescafe 3ΓΌ1 - 2012 [LINK]

5. Most Radio Interviews Conducted in 24 Hours
Pavlina Osta, 2014 - 347 Interviews @ - [LINK]

6. Most Radio Interviews Conducted in 24 Hours (Team)
TJ Walker & Jess Todtfeld @ 96 Interviews - 2009  [LINK]

7. Longest Marathon Hosting a Radio Talk Show (Team)
Dmitry Olenin, Alisa Selezneva & Vadim Voronov - 60 Hours - LINK

8. Most Radio DJs Presenting One Radio Show Simultaneously
Bradford Community Broadcasting - 60 People - 2012 [LINK]

9. Most Professional DJs Presenting a Single Live Radio Show 
Radio Deejay - Milian Italy - 26 People - 2010 [LINK]

10. Longest Underwater Live Radio Broadcast 
Richard Hatch - 4 hours, 43 minutes @ BFBS Radio 2011 [LINK]

11. Most People Singing Live on a Radio Broadcast
Barclaycard presents @ BBC - 6,904 People- 2015 [LINK]