Friday, August 14, 2015

WEEI at Fenway Park

Suffice it to say... WEEI-AM has a special relationship with Fenway Park, much in the way that the City of Boston has a special relationship with Fenway Park. WEEI goes way back in Boston. They signed on as WEEIin 1924 under the ownership of Edison Electric. The 850 Mhz frequency was actually WHDH until 1994 WEEI sat on 50 Mhz. American Radio Systems purchased the WEEI "intellectual property" but not their license. So they just moved the branding and programming to 850.

They became a talk station in the 1960s far ahead of other AM talkers. They claim to have been New England's first talk radio station. The station began carrying the Celtics in 1987 then were bought by Boston Celtics Communications in 1990, and when the CBS Radio Network's shifted its Boston affiliation to WRKO, they switched to ABC. Then they began adding to their sports line up. WEEI became the flagship station of the Boston Bruins that same year. By late 1991 they became an all-sports station.

After 91 years it seems almost natural for their call letters to be two stories tall over a Red Sox game.