Thursday, July 02, 2015


If any of my readers are headed to Def Con 2015 in August please check this out. Ben Caudill, a researcher for the consultancy Rhino Security Labs, will be there on August 6th unveiling ProxyHam. ProxyHam is a hardware solution that can transmits Wi-Fi connection up to 2.5 miles. This has powerful implications for privacy and anonymity. More here.

Even Wired magazine was impressed. ProxyHam has found a work-around for the vulnerability of the IP address. An IP address has a direct relationship with your physical location because it is directly tied to the device you are using to connect to the internet. Currently privacy software focusing on the networking between you and the site you are using via networking tools and proxy addresses. But this chain can be followed back to you. Even highly complex tools like Tor can be eventually defeated with enough time and effort, hence the downfall of Silk Road.

ProxyHam puts miles of physical distance between you and your network connection bouncing from your local connection across the 900 Mhz band to a remote connection. The device itself, is a Wi-Fi enabled Raspberry Pi, and a rig consisting of three antennas. it's not exactly mobile, but it's a strong proof of concept. the stregnth is partly the 900 Mhz band itself.  This slice of the UHF band is also known as the 33-centimeter band.

It's internationally allocated to amateur radio ans stretched from 902 to 928 MHz.  it's used by industrial, scientific, broadband wireless systems, and medical (ISM) equipment, and innumerable low powered unlicensed devices such as walkie-talkies, and cordless phones. Essentially Caudill has hidden a 8 Mbps needle in a big haystack. At DefCon Caudill will be selling the units at cost.