Thursday, June 18, 2015


This one reaches a whole new level of stupid. Aaron Klein is the host of Aaron Klein Investigative Radio. It's broadcast on 970 WNYM-AM in New York, and on 990 WNTP-AM in Philadelphia. Klein describes himself as a Jerusalem-based investigative reporter and author. Other sources might point out that he's a birther, bigot, conspiracy theorist, and general purpose-polemicist. He also writes for the right-wing nutter website World Net Daily. He recently did something so outrageous I have to call it a radio stunt.

The core of Aaron's legitimate reporting is his specialization on the Middle-East. He often conducted interviews with adversarial factions. He refers to this in his 2008 book Schmoozing with Terrorists.
As a part of that ongoing theme he conducted an recorded interview with Abu Al-Ayna al-Ansari. Al-Ansari, is the leader of a Salafi group allied with the Islamic State also known as ISIS. In the pre-recorded peice, Al-Ansari spoke in Arabic, and his comments were translated into English.

The crux of the interview focused on a genuinely nuanced internal battle between Hamas and Salafist groups in the Gaza Strip in Israel. Klein had the good sense not to do the interview live... even to edit out a segment in which Al-Ansari threatened an anti-Islamic writer named Pam Geller. But he didn't have the good sense to perhaps speak to homeland security about it's more inflammatory contents. But Klein asked Al-Ansari about the intentions of ISIS toward the United States. Klein aired that. Al-Ansari declared that ISIS will not stop until its flag is raised over the White House. An American broadcaster airing threats against the United States directly from terrorists. I think that may be a first.