Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Plastic is flammable, which makes sense since it's made from petroleum—oil. Foam rubber is generally made of polyurethane, is still plastic and also made from oil. They were first invented by Otto Bayer  in 1937. So if you are working with open flame... do not try to protect yourself with a barrier that is itself flammable. There is an obvious problem there. Teapot Tim aka Tim Coburn, apparently knew none of these things.

On July 2nd in 2004 Teapot Tim from 99.5 WIHT-FM was the home of his station manager Jeff Wyatt in North Potomac, MD. Tim was known as a "stuntman" for their morning Zoo program "Hot Morning Mess."  TAs a stunt Tim had covered himself in foam padding and was encouraging listeners to set off fireworks off on him at around 8:30 PM. Inexplicably Tim was not injured, though that would have been very much deserved.

However another person suffered minors burns.  A good-Samaritan neighbor called 911.  Then the cops showed up. Fireworks are illegal in Montgomery County.  Three people were given citations for illegal possession and discharge of fireworks, as well as reckless endangerment. DCRTV reported that Tim was previously arrested in Manassas, VA for mooning motorists in an unrelated radio stunt. Tim quit the show in October of 2006 [LINK] The program was cancelled later that year.