Thursday, April 30, 2015

IFTT Radio

 IFTTT is a web-based service that allows users to create simple conditional statements, they call "recipes."  the format is "If This Then That" hence the name. Some users pronounce it as an acronym I-F-T-T, others like an initialism, which rhymes with "gift." The service connects one action on a web service to another.  An example might be backing up photos on your iPad to your Dropbox Account, setting a RSS feed to automatically sent you an SMS text message, etc. More recently devices like the WeMo have been connecting it to meatspace. It allows users to control devices in their home. So now morning exercise detected by your FitBit can turn on your coffee pot.

I got curious if this new bridge inspired any users to connect to our 100-year old technological focus... radio. My answer was a resounding Yes. There were almost a hundred! I frankly don't even understand all of the services they're connecting.  Several were even in Spanish. This is clearly something that is in it's ascension. Here are a few examples.

Every Friday 23:00, notify for ASOT and open TuneIn Radio. Here

Turn on radio 15min before scheduled workout. Here
There were six different IFTTs that connected to the last FM service. Here
If WeMo detects motion in your home, turn on a radio. Here
When you check-in at home turn on your radio. Here
Share Mix Radio. Here