Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Transcription Mystery Disc #255

 This is a 8-Inch, metal-core, Recordisc. I've digitized one side, the other has a thick layer of waxy palmitic acid which is hard to remove, and renders the audio into a muddy mess on playback. If I was optimistic about the recording's value I'd have spent the time with some Disc Doctor solution and a rag... but I'm not. So today you get just the one side. I'm also trying a new playback service. Feel free to comment on that.

On the sleeve is the name Texas Jim Robertson, in pencil, that may be one of his cowboy songs on the opening. In the middle of the recording at about the 1:50 mark the first tune ends and it becomes clear this is a radio program. Then there's an ad for rolling tobacco that sticks to the paper. You might recognize it.

I'm mixed on the possibility of Texas Jim Robertson performing for the first minutes of the disc. He was a singer of cowboy songs. He recorded dozens sides for RCA in a long but now overlooked career. some of his works are now looked back on as early Rockabilly.This may or may not be him. I don't find his style so compelling that I can confirm or deny the possibility.