Monday, March 16, 2015

Crystal Radios Are Still For Sale

It's hard to argue that radio as a hobby and as an industry aren't in decline. But I do my best. My latest canary in the coal mine is the toy crystal radio set. You remember the kit: 1 diode, 1 tuning rod, 2 connecting wires, 1 copper wire coil, 1 earphone and maybe a cardboard tube.. maybe some rubber bands and a tuner so some kind; or maybe not. They still make that kit... many different companies do actually. See below.

Makes and models range from hardwood mounted toys clearly intended for adults to flimsy designs made mostly of paper. The difficult level clearly varies, but not one of these costs more than $25, so they fall into the toy category.

Science Store - Crystal Radio Kit

Poof-Slinky - Crystal Radio Mini Lab

Maxitronix - Crystal Radio Kit

Modern Radio Labs - No 2 Crystal Radio Kit

Peebles - PO-002 Crystal Radio Kit, With a Cylinder Coil

Go Labs - Build Your Own Working Crystal Radio Lab Kit

Xtal Set Society - XS-OB1 Oat Box Radio - Pack 1

Flights of Fancy - Crystal Radio Receiver

Artec Build Your Own Crystal Radio Science Craft