Thursday, February 12, 2015

WHQR Program Guide January 1985

I recently came into possession of a small stack of 1980s program guides. This is a full scan of the January 1985 issue of the 91.3 WHQR Program Guide. It's chock full of retro ads, and historical information.

WHQR signed on in 1984 finally bringing NPR to the North Carolina Coast. The distant signal from WUNC didn't reach even across that flat terrain. So this program guide comes form it's early years. From the get go the station carries book end NPR programs like Morning Edition, Prairie Home Companion, and All Things Considered. But it also was chock full of Jazz: DJs like Henry Farber, Leo Teachout, Bernard Granger, Rob Robinson, Larry Thomas and others spun jazz discs all night. Some of these Jazz DJs, like Leo Teachout were instrumental in fundraising to make the station possible.

Today the station has a string of repeaters to fill in every crag, cranny and crevice on the Carolina coast with their signal: 92.7 W224CX, 94.1 W231AB, 96.7 W244DH, and 98.9 W255BZ. But today those same jazz DJs like Leo and their programs have been purged from the station in favor of more syndicated programming and satellite-fed classical music. The station has become an NPR zombie.