Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Transcription Mystery Disc #253

This is the B-side of that Sherman Clay disc I ripped back in December. It's a metal-core, 6.5-Inch acetate recording bearing the date February 16th, 1950.  Both sides were recorded the same day. It's unclear which is Side A or B. the subject is still an audio letter by Louise and Bill Murphy.

Louise & Bill Murphy

In this episode Louise is trying out to be an opera star. Bill thinks he may find work as a Chorus Girl. Louise comes on to sing more and does a version of "Oh, You Beautiful Doll" Which in 1950 was already a 40-year old song with a long history in Ragtime. Which is to say...it's nothing she'd sing at the opera. Regardless we all hope she found work, it was 1950. WWII was over, the economy was booming and hopefully everythign worked out for them.