Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Anarchy, WA

In 2013 there was a petition logged on to extend Anarchy Radio with John Zerzan from one hour to two hours. The rationale was "John Zerzan is totally rad, and only one hour with him once a week is a crime against humanity."  This is the work of what we call a superfan. Sometimes they're harmless but sometimes they're Adam Lanza. No joke, the Sandyhook shooter was a fan and frequent caller to this Eugene, OR based radio program.

In Anarchist circles Zerzan is a minor celebrity. Zerzan was one of the editors of both Anarchy Magazine Green Anarchy, two anti-authoritarian magazines. He's also written for the Fifth Estate,and  Adbusters a publication which should require no introduction. He's published several books and does extensive speaking tours.  He's also the host of Anarchy Radio in Eugene on the University of Oregon's radio station KWVA-AM. There isn't a lot of anarchy on the radio, but there is one full hour of anarcho-primitivisim on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM PST at 88.1 FM in Eugene, Oregon. At 1,000 watts ERP, the station blankets the metro, population of over 150,000. But webcasting increases their reach indeed. More here.

Zerzan began his program sometime after the start 2000. Zerzan's own website claims his program has been airing since "the millennium" KEZI-TV (ABC) pegs it in 2002. [SOURCE] regardless the content is intelligent, philosophical even. While Zerzan is genuinely "anti-civilization" his views are interesting, and expressed in strictly intellectual and not pushy or aggressive. He does take callers and they are not always as eloquent or as professorial as himself. More here.

But even with his bookish delivery, Zerzan has managed to find himself some controversy. First it was the Unabomber. After reading the so-called "Unabomber Manifesto" Zerzan met with Ted Kaczynski and even chatted him up between court proceedings. They remained friends after Kaczynski 's imprisonment but had a falling out after wrote a Kaczynski wrote a harsh critique of Anarchoprimitivism in 2008. LINK. Zerzan ended up a footnote in the news again in 2012. It was revealed by the NY Daily News that Lanza had been disguising his voice and calling in to Zerzan's program Anarchy Radio 3,000 miles away. More here. Zerzan's connection to each of these characters was indirect at best, but it makes a little radio program in a small market all the more interesting.