Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #245 (Xmas Edition)

This is an Xmas edition of the Transcription Mystery Disc series. This is a 6.5-Inch, metal-core,  Wilcox-Gay Recordio. It's dated clearly to 1-10-49. The attribution is just listed as "All The Gang."  The other side is the same group (more or less) recording Whtie Christmas on 12-25-1949. I thought this take came out better.

Incidentally, for trivia fans, 1/10/49 was the day of the first Beatles release "Introducing the Beatles," in the United States. It's also the day the 45 RPM 7-Inch record was debuted in the UK. Those three events of course have nothing to do with one another, or Christmas.

Jingle Bells - All the Gang 01-10-1949

The recording is good, very low noise, very good dynamic range.. it's clear for it's entirety.  The recording is of a large group singing together but not a choir, this is a group of amateurs, a whole family or a whole bar full of them. But one thing I must add... not all of these people are sober. the recording is clear enough that you can hear specific voices giggling, singing flat, out of key, wrong verse.. too off to be just horsing around. Somebody had a little egg nog.