Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WHYF Placemat Ad

Under a plate of home fries, eggs and bacon I found this. Between ads for Sport Fishing, rental tools, and certified wood fence installers was this ad for 720 WHYF-AM. It's a is a Catholic religious station serving Harrisburg, PA. It's a daytimer, which only signed on in 1985, with that glut of AM Class D licenses scraping the bottom of the barrel.  it's owned by the sat-fed religious network Holy Family Radio, Inc.

Radio print ads continue to mystify me. This ad was on a paper placemat in a diner well outside the station's city-grade signal contour.  The use of print advertisement is dubious for radio in general. While billboards arguably target drivers at peak listening times, newspapers, magazines, fliers and other print venues sweep up the dregs. their virtue is in being cheap. But placemats... words fail me. I hope it was really cheap.