Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #241

This is a 6.5-Inch, paper-core Voice-O-Graph acetate home recording. I've already worked out a good labelography for this type of recording blank. I classified this as Red-On-White and have seen dates around 1964.It was the end of the line for Voice-O-Graph discs.

Kerry Hills by Barry Murray & E. Mahoney

The recording is of a man and a woman, singing in harmony (sort of). He is quite flat.  They find their pace toward the end of the recording and I can start to make out the words clearly. As titled, they are singing a traditional Irish tune, The Kerry Hills a tune more recently recorded by Brendan Begley in 1987. It's a more obscure traditional, something that indicates they were very serious Irish music fans, or otherwise. they also sing a slightly different version then the Begley recording [source] again indicating a much older song with a wider array of lyrical variants. Ex.

Of the days so merry
When we plucked the berry
On the verdant slopes
Of the Kerry hills

I've seen the Atlantic
Both wild and frantic
I have traveled far
From my native home