Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #240

This is a 10-Inch, metal-core, Silvertone acetate recording disc. Like most discs it has some reference to being "slow burning," though being made of acetate lacquer must make that hard... the paper core discs especially.  It's labeled in pencil "Alfred Erb 1/25/46 4th in Lent."  The opposite side merely has a date 4/21/48. So this disc was used a couple years apart by the Erbs.

Alfred Erb - Lent March 25th, 1946

Lent covers a period of approximately six weeks before Easter starting on Ash Wednesday. But Easter is a moving target.  Easter is just an approximation of the March equinox, so Ash Wednesday can be as early as February 4th and Easter as late as the end of April. Normally in the United States we round off holidays to make for more 3-day weekends, but these have yet to be tamed.  Nonetheless, it's certainly out of season for me to post this today... Lent 2015 won't be until April 5th.