Thursday, November 13, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #239

I've posted some of Frank L. Eulau's recordings before. It's quality stuff, low noise bed, good levels. He clearly knew his way around a lathe and around his recording gear. His daughter was kind enough to tell me a bit of his history. Frank was born July 4th, 1921 in Germany. He was a German Jew and in 1939 shortly after Kristallnacht his family left Germany on one of the last boats allowed to leave and they went to the Philippines.

There he worked at a hi fi store and built and worked on short wave radios. In 1952, he went to New York  and his parents returned to Germany. Frank worked for Audio Exchange and Harvey Radio for many years, managing the stores until he opened his own high end hi fi store, Audio Experts in White Plains, NY. He was a collector of 78s and had a sizable personal collection. He died in 2005, he was 84 years old. His family still has the record cutter he used to make the records that I've been digitizing here.

Frank Eulau - 02-17-1955
This recording is of a man and a fiddle and it's more of the same mysterious sounding Greek-klezmer something-or-other. It's on the dazzling side of amazing... these are the kinds of acetates collectors dream of finding.