Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #238

This is a 5-inch, paper-core, home recording acetate. The blank is an obscure brand called phonocord.It's the second side of a disc I digitized a few weeks back. I want to say for the record I really dislike center-start records and I can see why it was less popular then outer-edge start. center start records contrary to the name do not start at the center. they start at some random point away from the center. Dropping the needle on, at or near this point is really hit-or-miss.

 "These darn little records..."
The  recording is another letter from that young man to some unknown young blonde woman. He says he's going to take her shopping. But there is one great sample on the record "These darn little records are swell." But he runs out of things to say and mumbles a bit until the groove runs out. Like the others there are no dates or names so the mystery remains.