Friday, October 17, 2014

WFIL-AM 1976 (Pt 2)

Here are three more playlists from Disco Hell. Except as a caricature of the disco era itself, none of these songs require a second listen. By the end of December Alice Cooper's worst single ever "I Never Cry" is in the middle of the chart and "Beth" an unspeakably bad cut by Kiss is on the upswing. And on this list they don't even stand out.

This era was just unforgivably bad for rock n' roll. the programming is cringe-worthy. Even now, decades later I struggle to maintain an anthropological ear in the face of truly awful music. No matter how shallow, vapid and disposable you find the playlists of pop radio stations today, you can't look at this and think that it used to be better. Today's CHR is a direct descendant of this rubbish.