Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #237

This is a metal core, Voice-O-Graph. It's clearly dated to August 17th 1949. It also notes that it was recorded in Washington D.C. The disc is the earliest I have seen for this make of Voice-O-Graph blank. All those others I've found are after 1951.  But as expected the earlier discs typically have the metal core.

Mother and child

The audio is quite serviceable for being 65 years old. The recording is of a mother and a child that is learning to speak. The child is hard to understand, but that's not the fidelity, the kid just doesn't have that talking thing down yet.  You can't glean much context from that kind of conversation. But I did catch that daddy went to Georgia on the train. No first names no last names... that's all there is.