Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #236

This is a 6.5-inch metal-core Federal Perma Disk. It spins at 78 rpm and has an outer edge start. it's labeled on each side with the phrase "Play this side first" and "Play this side second." The date is written as Dec 1940. It's refreshing to find one with a date for once.

 Play this side first (Dec 1940)

The label is torn on one side and the disc slightly bent. But as with many metal core discs.. that can be ameliorated with a very judicious application of force. I don't recommend that technique for archival work... but that's not what we do here. The recording isn't free of surface noise but it was entirely listenable with no apparent wear. I ripped both sides and edited them together with a short gap.

The recording is an Xmas greeting with organ accompaniment to a couple in Florida. The recipients are identified only as Dr. and Mrs. Knight. The recording engineer briefly speaks on Side B and his name was Mr. O'Brien.The speakers accent and cadence are confident.. like an orator, DJ or preacher. I wish that his name had been included.