Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #235

I was recently contacted by a descendant of Frank L. Eulau. You may or may not know that name, but a few years back I stumbled upon a short stack of his discs in a junk shoppe. I digitized and posted one here perviously. The brand of the disc is uncertain but I suspect it is an Audiodisc. The blank is a 10-inch, metal-core, 78 rpm acetate recording, with an outer edge start.  The sides are numbered 1- 6, but there are two discs bearing the sides 3 and 4, leading me to believe these are a mix of at least two different "sets."

Frank Eulau - 02/17/1955 (3:20)

The music seems to be Greek... possibly Turkish the capital letter appear to be Cyrillic. as is the rest of the labeling. Thankfully the dates are legible. The home made labels indicate that Frank was an amateur engineer of some kind and that he probably had a bit of practice before he recorded any of these. The only problem is that they have been played. They haven't been played to death, but enough to create some surface noise. I reduced the tracking weight and gave the disc a good wipe-down before giving it a go. It came out quite nicely.