Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #232

This is an 8-Inch, paper-core, Wilcox-Gay Recordio.It's in rough shape. It is shot through with cracks and the acetate coating puckers around all of them. It clearly has been wet. Some damn fools think that wetting a disc can improve playback. It does not. It mutes the finer vibrations of the stylus which you can emulate with a low pass filter. This has the advantage of not destroying the record. Those white spots on the disc are delamination... Anyway, one part of one side of the disc was recoverable.

Always Be Polite

The recording is clearly of  radio broadcast. "Always be polite, in fact I can just hear him now, son I want you to always remember to tip your hat to a lady..."  It's a segment from a speech about sportsmanship.It could be from a religious program, a children's program.. or since this was probably the late 1940s virtually any serial involving families. Programming of the golden era really broke ground in production, and new genres but the morality of network shows at the time was just excruciatingly wholesome. If anyone recognizes the narrator... that might narrow it down.