Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #229

This is an odd little metal-core disc. The 6.5-inch acetate is orange. I assumed that it had faded or oxidized from red, but the label is clearly purple so perhaps not. It spins at a clean 78 rpm but with an inner-edge start. The audio is clear but takes up less than half of each side even though the grooves reach the outer edge.

It is entirely comprised of a monologue by an old man with a rich god-like voice.  It was so great I edited the two sides together so you can enjoy him talk about fishing like he was there with Hemingway, bucolic but implacable. He opens with the lines   "I just came down to visit my son and his wife, good wife over Christmas and the famous fishing ground up in the Columbus River Washington and Oregon... and the fishing is good."

The Fishing Is Good

He goes on at some length and his pauses make clear that he's reading from a prepared script. In the background you can occasionally hear a voice that sounds like an echo. but at the very end you can hear it again and it's not an echo. I think it's the sound engineer feeding him lines over the headphones .I'd guess this this is early 1940s because of the center start and the make of disc but it's just a guess.