Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #228

This is a 78 rpm metal-core, 8-Inch Recordisc. it's actually the B-side of the unlabeled idsc from last week that caught my attention. The physical connection made me suspect Ted Daffan but the song sounds nothing like his pop repertoire. I have my doubts in other words.

 It's So Hard to Walk the Straight and Narrow Way

This is a christian country tune presumably called "It's So Hard to Walk the Straight and Narrow Way." The  lyric is a reference to Matthew 7:13-14. The lyrics and arrangement appear to be originals. It's a shame the disc is unlabeled. The song consists of voice accordion, guitar and piano. The harmonies are quite competent. They are not local hacks, this was an experienced, road-worn band. The recording ends with an eruption of applause making me suspect this is another live radio recording.