Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #222

This is a 10-Inch metal-core Audiodisc brand acetate recording. It is unusual, but this one is labeled, excessively labeled even with notes scribbled all over the sleeve in addition to the label the sleeve reads "E-2 They'd 2 at jerky phrasing 3-22-55 33 1/3 S Barber Gloria 1.00" then in the lower corner an address in pencil, perhaps unrelated "Sandy 2705 Newberry St. Williamsport"  The back side of the sleeve reads "Juan Benfer P.D. 1. Selinsgrove Penn." I'm translating from arcane cursive so some of those may be wrong. (I still maintain it should be banned.)

Gloria Dawn Barber

On the label of the disc it reads "Barber, Gloria side 1 Sept 21, 1954 Standar 33 1/3 Dec 14 1954 33S." I assume these are different recordings on that side of the disc. It has five widely separated tracks. the text on the sleeve may indicate the disc was also used the following Spring by another person. I believe these are students at a school, probably around Williamsport.

The recordings are of a young lady reading and being recorded onto an acetate. The last one, not noted on the sleeve actually dates to Wednesday May 11 1955. These are not the foreign language class recordings I suspected at first. Instead these appear to be reading tests. Gloria Dawn Barber seems to be reading from a the same source text as another disc I once ripped that I got from a completely difference source in Mt Carmel, PA. See post here. It was recording on the same brand of blank, and the following Fall but I suspect this is related somehow.