Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #219

This is a metal-core, 8-Inch Duo disc. It's from that mysterious batch that seems to be connected to WIP-AM. The recording is very good again but is also clearly live and in a studio-setting with no crowd, or background noise. I did a very little bit of audio editing removing some pops and clicks. but didn't even need to noise-gate, or filter. It is as it was.

Both sides are unlabaled much like the rest of the stack. the first side is a recording of  "I'm Picking Up The Pieces of a Broken Heart". This is the original version first recorded by Red Foley and the Cumberland Valley Boys back in 1948. Don Estes tried again with the tune in 1956. Joel Whitburn doesn't list either version in either artists Billboard Top Country singles. In other words: the song has never hit as a single. But someone felt the need to dub it onto this acetate. I am curious if I'll find a cover version on another side of another disc.
wear a little sunshine

The second side is a radio recording of "Wear a Little Sunshine in Your Smile." I'm totally unfamiliar with this tune. At the end of the track you can hear the DJ cut in for a moment. "It's your farm and family..." It cuts out right before he gives the station identification. Clearly it's some kind of country or farm radio program... we may never know which one. But it probably aired around 1948.