Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #218

This is a 7-Inch, metal-core Silvertone brand home acetate recording. It's clearly been played a few times but the greater problem is that they also dropped the needle a few times leaving some scratches across the face of the grooves. So yes, this recording does skip a bit.

5 Minutes More Tom

It's labeled "Tom 5 Minutes more." It's quite hard to read but the lyrics are thankfully very clear in the recording. This song was written in 1946 and first recorded by Frank Sinatra. Tex Beneke recorded it with the Glen Miller Orchestra the same year. This recording is a mashup of that Beneke version and a few acapella verses sung presumably by "Tom."

Tom, if that is his real name... did some kind of cut away of his audio source then sang directly into his disc cutter mic and sang the remaining verses. I have never heard anything like this before on any of the other discs I've ripped. The cutaway isn't exactly smooth. You can hear Tex start to sing.. and then only the powerful baritone of Tom. the B-side is Count Basie "Hi Tide". That song was recorded in 1945. Because those dates are so close, I'm going to assume this was recorded no later than 1947.