Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #217

"We are all visiting Atlantic City for the evening." That's the opening sentence on this 6.5-Inch paper-core, Voice-O-Graph disc. The recording is unlabeled, save for some crayon markings scribbled across the envelope... the name looks like Matt. The connection is dubious. They identify their location as "Stone Harbor." This is actually a town between Wildwoods and Ocean City, near Avalon. Aside from being the namesake of a small vanity record label it's non-notable. The main speaker has a New Jersey accent is is probably a local.

Stone Harbor VOG

The disc came to me in terrible shape but I was able to clean it for a better quality rip. In some cases you can carefully wash the playing surface without moisture getting to the paper core. If you succeed you might get good playback. If you fail the playing surface is destroyed by the expanding paper rippling the shellac surface. The original recording had good levels making reductions in bed noise more feasible. A woman giggles and calls out their names. Genie, Archie, Barbara, and Todd. They try to sing together but can't stop laughing.