Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #214

This is a 6.5-Inch Wilcox-Gay Recordio. It has a metal core and the recording speed is unknown... but it's not 78 rpm. The first side seems to be about 55 rpm the other maybe 60. It's in nice shape even still has a bit of a sheen. The sides are labeled. This one reads "Paul Skippy Piano Boogie Boogie Five (illegible) 12-15-46"  The reverse side reads "Florence + Jerry,  Piano by Flo Story by Jerry 1948 Five Min More, Feb 5th __ Speed"  I was interested.

Skip and Florence

The first side is a cover of Five Minutes More which might have been by Skitch Henderson. The pianist "Skip" is competent. He's probably playing a bit faster than I set the speed but I think I'm within 5%. Around the one minute mark Florence sing three words. Then Mr. Regan plays a short boogie-woogie. The break into a bit of ad lib chatter at the end.  On the other side Florence claims to be at a coal mind interviewing "Mortimer" a dumb coal-miner. It's all just an impression of an early radio program. On the bright side around the 4:00 minute mark they break into a dirty joke. It's followed by a medley of piano tunes and a little laughter.

The engineer clearly was experimenting with different playback speeds trying to get more playtime out of 6.5 inch discs. In this case the audio didn't lose much... at least compared to discs of similar make. This recording has survived 68 years to be heard by us today.