Thursday, May 01, 2014

DJ Prince Markie Dee

Mark Anthony Morales is a founding member of the seminal rap group, The Fat Boys. He was not the DJ, he was a rapper and song writer. Under the name Prince Markie Dee with Dee Kool Rock-Ski and Buff Love the group exploded on the scene in 1984. They released seven LPs between then and 1991 when Morales left the group to go solo. By then they'd had three records go gold, and one platinum. The possibility of a runion seemed to die with 28-year-old beat boxer Buff Love in 1995.

Morales was born in 1968 and among the fat Boys he was the thinnest of the three. I can imagine after rapping 7 LPs of fat jokes he might want to do something little more serious. He produced records for Destiny's Child, Mariah Carey, and Mary J. Blige. He had two solo albums "Free" and "Love Daddy" neither of which did as well as his Fat Boys material.  That might be why he tried a new career in radio...

He debuted on 103.5 WMIB with an afternoon drive-time show. That year, Morales won the Best FM Radio Personality award from the New Times of Miami, the cities' weekly newspaper.  In 2008 when the station flipped formats from Urban AC to Urban Morales stayed put. A year later he was bumped to a night slot. But in 2010 when the station flipped to Spanish Hot AC as "Super X" the Cuban-born singer was ousted. Morales mocked the flip referring to it as "Spanish Oldies" via twitter.  He was right, since then the station flipped again to "The Beat" unable to find an identity in the Miami Market. More here.

Morales however had street cred, a resume and radio chops. So he crossed the street. His personal brand was worth something and 99.1 WEDR made him an offer. He remains there today, successful and a little slimmer. Fat Boys reunion rumors have continue but remain unrealized.