Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #212

This metal-core Duodisc is 8-Inches in diameter and spins at 78 rpm. It has 2 tracks on one side, and one on the reverse. I ripped both sides and edited them together with a beep to separate the sides. Neither side is labeled at all and one side is flat out missing the label.

Unknown  - Trouble In Mind

The first track uses the melody of back in the saddle again, but the lyrics are completely different. It appears to be an original.  The second cut is a cover of Trouble In Mind." The song can't be used to date the recording. It dates to at least 1924, first recorded by jazz pianist Richard M. Jones and vocalist Thelma La Vizzo. It's since become a blues standard.

The third cut is "Can't You Take It Back And Change It For A Boy." Strangely I've actually found that song on another acetate from this batch - here.  I recognize the voice, it's clearly the same performer. The other recording is superior to this one. The song dates to before 1912 and was written by Thurland Chattaway.  The recording ends and a bit of a live swing radio recoding comes on briefly. This explains the lower fidelity as well... it's the second pass of the cutting needle on the disc.