Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #205

This is an 8-inch metal-core, Capitol Pro-Disc. It's labeled, sort of. In red pencil it reads "Larry Carr" then an illegible line then in regular graphite is marginally more legible script... "Nice Work if you can get it."  I edited out the worst of the pops and ran it through a low pass filter to clean it up a bit.

Larry Carr

Larry Carr was a jazz singer from another era.  He sang at Hollywood supper clubs, back when there were supper clubs.  He was a crooner like a low budget Sinatra or Dean Martin. This recording is just voice and piano. Because of it's condition it's unclear if it's a live recording, radio recording or dub. The recording is undated but the other side, an unrelated recording,  is marked as December 14th 1942. I'd venture a guess that this recording wasn't much later than that.